Who We Are

Lionstooth Energy is an agile, experienced developer of power generation projects.

We have a passion for developing creative solutions with our customers that increase revenue, decrease operating costs and improve customer operations. By being the leader in a broad portfolio of distributed generation, Lionstooth Energy puts power back in the control of those who use it.

Our Strategy

In order to be successful, and sustainable, Lionstooth Energy is primarily focused on power projects connected to the electric distribution grid, the same grid that brings power to your doorstep.

  • Customer Centered: All of our solutions are primarily driven to meet the needs of our customers. We believe that strong relationships with our customers will drive long-term success for our company
  • Locally Focused: We operate within and with the communities where our generation is located. This forces Lionstooth to constantly improve our operations in order to be a good neighbor and to use our solutions to benefit not just our customers, but our communities as well.
  • Modular Design: These projects can be constructed quickly and effectively, minimizing cost and schedule risk
  • Fit for Purpose: Our solutions are designed to fit within their environment, not form the environment to fit the project
  • Lean Operation: We take remotely operate, monitor and analyze our equipment to ensure enhanced operation, without requiring the large overhead that is typical of most utilities.

Our Team

Lionstooth Energy has made, and will continue to make, a concerted effort to keep our team small and nimble, comprised of highly effective and capable people. Our strategy is not to create an empire, or a large burden of corporate overheard, but to create a culture of relentless pursuit of our goals with a focus on generating results.

Geoff Lester, President and Chief Executive Officer

Geoff is the founder, President & CEO of Lionstooth Energy. Geoff has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry, the last 10 years building and operating power generation projects. He has a passion for generating results, and saving customers money.

Prior to Lionstooth Energy, Geoff established and oversaw the Distributed Generation business line for ATCO Power, which developed, constructed and operated three projects totalling 15 MW of generation in a 2 year period.

Geoff also previously led the business development efforts at Genalta Power that led to the development of 65 MW of projects between 2009 and 2012. From 2012 to 2014, Geoff was the Vice-President of Desiderata Energy Consulting, an advisory consulting firm involved in power generation studies, regulatory application development, and power bill analysis.

Geoff is also the co-founder of Full Spectrum Projects, an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) firm specializing in oil & gas and power generation project development.